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Barry Marlow
Barry Marlow

What are you thinking?

There’s always things happening and we know that it’s often hard to focus on what’s working, what’s not working and the kind of things that could be challenged.

Barry’s job is to introduce TEA Time.

T – Thinking. Thoughts. The Territory.

Creating the motivation to challenge, the ambition to be challenging, persuading and encouraging the places to explore and investigate. Barry leads on staff and customer engagement, bringing people into the conversations about what you are doing…and want to do.

E – Energy. Enthusiasm. Environment.

Most organisations can do. It takes something different to want to. Barry is a change specialist, a choice architect and a thought-provoker. 42 years of experience has made Barry aware of pitfalls, habits and the ways people and business operate. This experience is channeled into the ways you and your people work and approach the challenging change that critical friends are known for. Create a different environment and populate with energetic people and the scope is enormous.

A – Ambition. Action. Aspiration.

The best critical friends are able to focus on your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Barry’s skill, with tons of practice at training, speaking, facilitating and consulting remains his ability to create pictures of success. However – as a critical friend he will always suggest ways that the hopes and dreams become reality. Some things you will have to do for yourself. That’s why action planning is an integral part of the Critical Friends approach. Don’t just think it. Apply some energy and take some action.

Is it TEA time in your organisation?

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