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Specialising in welfare reform, income management, performance management and change management, Barry Marlow and Cath Davies have a track record of working with organisations to stimulate new thinking and to encourage staff to see the possibilities of a different kind of service provision.

From inspiring, thought-provoking challenge pieces through to action planning and implementation to ensure results and outcomes are achieved, we add value and give value for money by offering a menu of “pick and mix” services.


Inspiring, thought-provoking challenge pieces

The mindset of change and challenge is only the start. Barry and Cath believe in engaging people in the critical friend review work through invitations to be involved and enthused. It is this thought-provoking exploration that adds substance and responsibility to the action plan.


Critical friend approach / health check to review pre-tenancy services, money advice, employment support and the income management service

Includes the use and provision of checklists and guidance notes for pre-tenancy service, money advice, employment support and the income management service.

This service can be used as a quick health check or may be the starting point for a more comprehensive service review.

Following this health check, we can support you in the following ways to develop services that deliver the results you want:

Action planning

o   Getting the key milestones in place to ensure that project outcomes can be achieved

 Project management and implementation

o   Working with your organisation to ensure that project outcomes are achieved

 Service reviews

o   Checking that your pre-tenancy and income management services are delivering the outcomes you want

 Policy and procedure reviews

o   Re-designing form and content to ensure that policies and procedures are up to date, useful documents


Development of the pre-tenancy service

Often takes the form of a process review that leads to a critical challenge of existing activities and then generating ideas for developing and improving the service.

This is an excellent way of involving front-line staff and contributes to the culture change agenda.


Culture change workshops

Culture change workshops may be used to:

  • Assist directors or board members to think strategically about an organisation’s vision, mission, aims and values in the light of welfare reform;
  • Provide a springboard for senior managers or front-line staff to embrace the need for change and to see the possibilities of how services could be delivered differently, for the benefit of both tenants and the organisation.



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